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  • Brazilian villages evacuated after warnings of dam collapse March 23, 2019
    Mining giant Vale raised level of risk at a dam in Barão de Cocais to highest alert meaning rupture is imminentThe Brazilian mining giant Vale said on Saturday that communities in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais had been ordered to evacuate after independent auditors found that one of its dams could collapse at any […]
    Associated Press in Rio de Janeiro
  • 'Fascist, violent, dangerous': protests planned as Bolsonaro arrives in Chile March 22, 2019
    Leftist politicians refuse to attend lunch in honor of Brazil’s far-right leader after instruction for women to wear ‘short dress’At the end of his first state visit to Washington DC this week, Jair Bolsonaro hailed his meeting with Donald Trump as a “historic moment”, claiming he was returning home with a sensation of “mission accomplished”. […]
    Anna Jean Kaiser in Rio de Janeiro and Charis McGowan in Santiago
  • Brazil’s former president Michel Temer arrested in corruption investigation March 21, 2019
    Temer arrested as part of Operation Car Wash, which led to the convictions of numerous members of Brazil’s political eliteBrazil’s former president Michel Temer – who played a key role in the 2016 impeachment of his rival Dilma Rousseff – has been arrested by federal policewhile driving in São Paulo.Judge Marcelo Breitas issued arrest warrants […]
    Anna Jean Kaiser in Rio de Janeiro
  • Fox News, nepotism and bigotry: Bolsonaro brings his Trump act to DC March 20, 2019
    First visit to the US had all the drama of a soap opera – intrigue, betrayal, family, controversy – and left Brazilians dividedJair Bolsonaro’s first official visit to the US had all the drama of a Brazilian soap opera – intrigue, betrayal, family, controversy.But viewers back home in Brazil were left divided: a disastrous interview […]
    Dom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro
  • Brazilian drug gang opens fire on convoy of trucks carrying nuclear fuel March 20, 2019
    Latest incident raises concerns about Brazil’s nuclear security in a state struggling with violent crimeA convoy of trucks carrying nuclear fuel came under armed attack on a highway in Rio de Janeiro state on Tuesday as it drove past a community controlled by a drug gang. Gang members armed with rifles opened fire on the […]
    Dom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro
  • Brazil: retired major charged over massacre during dictatorship March 19, 2019
    Sebastião Curio is accused of killings, torture and hiding bodies of dozens of leftist guerrillas in the Amazon regionBrazilian prosecutors have charged a retired army major who allegedly led a massacre of dozens of leftist guerrillas during the country’s military dictatorship. Related: Bolsonaro's pledge to return Brazil to past alarms survivors of dictatorship Continue reading...
    Associated Press in São Paulo
  • Bolsonaro backs Trump's border wall ahead of White House meeting March 19, 2019
    Brazil president endorses hardline US immigration policy, saying ‘Vast majority of … immigrants do not have good intentions’Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro has endorsed Donald Trump’s immigration agenda on the eve of their first meeting at the White House, saying he supports a wall on the US-Mexico border and that most immigrants to the United States […]
    Staff and agencies in Washington
  • 'Same rhetoric': Bolsonaro's US visit to showcase populist alliance with Trump March 18, 2019
    Brazilian president shares some of Trump’s habits: he is active on Twitter and also dismisses negative media coverage as ‘fake news’Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro will meet Donald Trump on Tuesday on his first foreign trip since taking office – a visit he hope will showcase the alignment between the rightwing, populist leaders of the two […]
    Dom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro
  • Who ordered Marielle Franco's murder? | David Miranda March 14, 2019
    Finding who ordered her death is key to the most important political cause of our time: stopping authoritarianism in BrazilThis Thursday will mark a year since my friend and colleague Marielle Franco was assassinated. The execution of an elected politician and human rights activist in the city of Rio de Janeiro highlighted just how tightly […]
    David Miranda
  • Brazil school shooting: eight people killed, including five students March 13, 2019
    Eight people and the two gunmen are among the dead in school shooting near São PauloEight people, including five schoolchildren, have been killed by gunmen who opened fire in a high school near São Paulo, before turning their guns on themselves when police arrived. The two gunmen, ages 25 and 17, walked into the state […]
    Dom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro

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