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  • Bolsonaro's motorbike escapade provokes helmet backlash April 22, 2019
    Legal expert says any regular citizen would be punished for breaking transport lawsIt was the latest populist ruse from a president who wishes to portray himself as a man of the people: a late-night motorbike ride designed to show Jair Bolsonaro had two wheels firmly on the ground.But the Easter escapade – a video of […]
    Tom Phillips Latin America correspondent
  • Amazon's trees get taste of air of the future April 19, 2019
    Experiment aims to learn how rainforest copes in levels of CO2 that could be normal by 2050 An ambitious experiment deep in the Amazon rainforest aims to find out how the ecosystem is likely to respond to rising levels of carbon dioxide.In 2000 a research team at the UK’s Hadley Centre forecast that a combination […]
    Daniel Grossman at the ZF2 research base in the Amazon; all photos by Dado Galdieri
  • US museum of natural history will not host Bolsonaro gala event after outrage April 15, 2019
    After receiving criticism last week, museum says gala to honor Brazil’s far-right president would no longer go aheadPlans to honor Brazil’s far-right president with a black-tie gala at the American Museum of Natural History have been scrapped after a public outcry that saw New York’s mayor brand Jair Bolsonaro “a very dangerous human being”.Bill de […]
    Tom Phillips Latin America correspondent
  • Lula, like all Brazilians, faced a fair trial | Letter April 14, 2019
    Fred Arruda, Brazil’s ambassador to the UK, says his country’s judiciary is fully independent and due process of law is faithfully observedThe letter (11 April) from a group of MPs and other political figures claiming that former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is a “political prisoner” is not only offensive to a democratic country […]
  • US natural history museum gala to honor Brazil's far-right president sparks outrage April 12, 2019
    Institution is ‘deeply concerned’ after being attacked for hosting event to honor Jair Bolsonaro who has rolled back environmental protectionsThe American Museum of Natural History has said it is “deeply concerned” after it was sharply criticized for hosting an event that will honour Jair Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil who has backed aggressive cuts in […]
    Oliver Milman in New York
  • Brazilian comedian gets jail sentence for video attacking leftwing politician April 11, 2019
    Danilo Gentili, a conservative known for his aggressive attacks on the left, was tried over a 2017 clip he shared on social mediaA row over free speech has erupted in Brazil after a foul-mouthed conservative comedian was given a six-month jail sentence for abusing a leftwing politician.Known for his aggressive attacks on the Brazilian left, […]
    Dom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro
  • Brazil’s Lula is a political prisoner. He must be freed now | Letter April 10, 2019
    Twenty-eight parliamentarians, trade unionists, journalists and campaigners condemn the ongoing detention of former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da SilvaWe condemn the continued persecution of former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who was jailed a year ago. Lula was favourite to win Brazil’s 2018 presidential election until he was jailed and barred from […]
  • Brazil replaces far-right education minister with conspiracy theorist April 9, 2019
    President Jair Bolsonaro’s replacement for Ricardo Vélez has blamed communists for introducing crackWhen news broke that Brazil’s president had sacked his controversial far-right education minister, any hopes that Jair Bolsonaro might have moderated his views lasted about as long as it took Brazilians to research his replacement.The new minister, Abraham Weintraub, is an economist and […]
    Dom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro
  • Brazil: 10 soldiers arrested after firing more than 80 bullets into family's car April 8, 2019
    One man was killed and two others wounded after army patrol opened fire on family driving to a baby showerTen Brazilian soldiers have been arrested after firing more than 80 bullets into a car carrying a family, killing one man and wounding two other people.Evaldo dos Santos Rosa, 51, a musician and security guard, was […]
    Dom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro
  • Brazil: high-risk expedition to contact isolated tribe declared success April 5, 2019
    Thirty-person expedition, including Funai officials and a doctor, contacted and vaccinated 34 people from the Korubo tribeBrazil’s biggest and most ambitious expedition in decades to contact a voluntarily isolated indigenous tribe has been declared a success after venturing deep into remote and inaccessible Amazon jungle.The rare, high-risk expedition aimed to prevent potential conflict between tribal […]
    Dom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro

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